Cilicon Flare X1 & Flare X1 Pro Review

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Product Intro and Specs

Cilicon (or Cilicon+) is a relatively new player in the oil pod market, with a strong focus on providing OEM products and services for cannabis oil distributors. They made a noteworthy entry into the market with their initial release of vape pens. In a previous review, I examined the Cilicon Vision, a disposable oil pen. Today, I’ll be taking a closer look at two of their pod-based oil pens, the Flare X1 and Flare X1 Pro.

Both the Flare X1 and the Flare X1 Pro make use of the same pods. However, the Flare X1 Pro offers some additional features, such as wireless charging, variable voltage, preheat mode, and an extra 20mAh of battery capacity. These pods also incorporate Cilicon’s patented BioBaleen anti-spitback technology.

It appears that Cilicon is keen to join the growing trend of pod-based systems, recognizing the increasing popularity of products like Stiiizy and PlugPlay, among others. The question now is whether the Flare X1 and X1 Pro can offer something new to pod vapers that will capture their interest. It’s time for us to explore these devices.

It’s worth noting that both the Flare X1 and Flare X1 Pro were provided for review by Cilicon.

Colors: Customizable (available at


  • Dimensions: Flare X1 – 20.1 mm x 10.1 mm x 110 mm / Flare X1 Pro – 20.1 mm x 10.1 mm x 115.5 mm
  • Tank Volume: 1 mL
  • Resistance: 1.25 ohms
  • Intake Holes: 2 x 1.8 mm
  • Tank Material: Food-grade plastic (PCTG)
  • Central Post: Stainless steel (SUS316L)
  • Mouthpiece Material: PC
  • Pod Dimensions: 20.15 mm x 10.15 mm x 48.8 mm
  • Battery Capacity: Flare X1 – 280 mAh / Flare X1 Pro – 300 mAh
  • Charging: Flare X1 – Micro-USB / Flare X1 Pro – Micro-USB & wireless
  • Formatrix Ceramic Atomizing Technology
  • Battery Housing: Aluminum alloy

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Cilicon Flare X1 / Flare X1 Pro
  • 1 x Flare wireless charging base (Flare X1 Pro only)

Build Quality and Design

The Flare X1 has a weight of 17.7 grams (excluding the pod), while the X1 Pro weighs 19 grams, aligning perfectly with their original Vision disposable series. Both devices share the same dimensions, measuring 20.1 mm in width and 10.1 mm in thickness. However, the X1 Pro is slightly longer, at 115.5 mm.

Neither device feels flimsy or cheap, despite their lightweight construction. The X1 Pro is marginally heavier, but the difference is barely noticeable. The design of the Flare X1 series bears a resemblance to the Uwell Caliburn. The original Caliburn’s appearance didn’t particularly appeal to me, but this version, resembling the Caliburn A2, exudes a more contemporary aesthetic.

The Flare X1 series incorporates various practical features, such as BioBaleen technology for minimizing spitback, an efficient V-shaped tank, and their proprietary Formatrix ceramic heating system. The X1 Pro boasts an additional wireless charging option with the Flare Base, which is quite a rare and appreciated bonus feature for pod systems in general, especially within the context of a cannabis vape. This addition is bound to be well-received by users.

Getting Started

For my testing, I employed a range of distillates, including some I’ve previously used in my reviews as well as a few new ones. I decided to examine the performance with thick Delta-8 distillate to check for potential clogging issues. Although the instructions recommend allowing the pods to sit for at least four hours, I prefer to leave them overnight for added assurance.

Upon inserting a pod, the LED light on the device will begin to flash. The X1 Pro offers an added touch of sophistication as it vibrates in response. In the X1 Pro, you can access pre-heat mode by inserting the pod into the device twice in quick succession. To adjust the voltage setting, you can achieve this with three quick insertions. The LED will indicate the voltage level with the following color codes:

  • Blinking white (High): 3.2V
  • Blinking red (Standard): 2.8V

While it may not be the most user-friendly interface, it is quite clever given the absence of physical buttons or a graphic display. Operating the device is simple – pick it up and take a puff. It’s draw-activated, and a white LED on the device will illuminate while you puff, akin to their other devices. The X1 Pro even vibrates each time you take a puff. If the battery is running low, the device will blink in red to notify you.


As I anticipated, the Flare X1 and X1 Pro delivered outstanding flavor. The Gorilla Glue distillate I used in the pods offered a delightful taste experience. I encountered strong sour notes with hints of pungency and gas, resulting in a smooth vaping experience. However, the THC content did induce some coughing, and the terpenes had a tickling effect on my nose, occasionally making me sneeze. I also tested some THC-O distillate, which, while not particularly flavorful, performed well.

The Duair technology truly shone in this test, particularly with the thick Delta 8 oil. At certain points, it seemed like there might be a risk of clogging, but these potential issues cleared up while I inhaled. Notably, I did not encounter any problems with leaking or spitback, even after a hasty and clumsy pod refill.

In my previous review, I pointed out that the vapor was slightly on the cool side. This time, I noticed that it felt a bit warmer, which I found to be a positive change. I believe this difference is attributed to the coils, which are 0.25 ohms lower than those in the Vision series. This adjustment addressed one of my previous critiques, and I commend Cilicon for the attention to detail. The Flare X1 series strikes a great balance between airflow and performance with this new configuration.

Regarding pod refilling, it’s worth noting that while it is technically possible, the process may not be as straightforward as one might hope. The mouthpiece can be removed fairly easily, similar to a Caliburn pod. However, once I removed it, I found that the seal was compromised, and I was unable to reattach it properly. As such, while refilling is an option, it may impact the performance, much like JUUL pods, which do not perform as well once refilled.

Battery life and charging

In the realm of distillate vaping, I’m not what you’d call a chain vaper. It typically takes me several weeks to deplete a 300 mAh oil battery. In the two weeks that I’ve been using these Flare X1 and X1 Pro devices, I haven’t even come close to running their batteries down. Consequently, while it might take an hour or two for a full charge, the battery life you get in return equates to hours, or even days of use. Surprisingly, despite the lower-ohm coils, there isn’t a noticeable difference in how quickly the battery drains.

In terms of charging technology, it would have been more sensible for Cilicon to adopt Type-C charging, especially for a reusable pod system. However, they opted for a unique feature in the pod market: wireless charging. Notably, the wireless charging dock for the X1 Pro is powered by Type-C technology. While not as common as Type-C, wireless charging adds a touch of convenience and innovation to the mix.

Pros / Cons


  • Lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Excellent oil visibility for easy monitoring
  • Durable build quality
  • Strong and crisp flavor
  • Smooth and consistent draw
  • No issues with clogging or spitback
  • No dry or burnt hits, even with thick oils
  • Reasonable pod capacity at 1 mL
  • Customizable with various distillates
  • Rechargeable for eco-conscious users
  • Wireless charging option available for the Flare X1 Pro, adding convenience


  • Lack of Type-C compatibility for charging, which is a missed opportunity
  • The mouthpiece can be snapped off easily, leading to potential sealing issues
  • The Flare X1 Pro provides only a modest extra 20 mAh of battery capacity, which may not make a significant difference in practice


The Flare X1 and Flare X1 Pro have proven to be impressive additions to the pod system market for oils and distillates. While it’s challenging to find significant faults in these devices, there are a few areas with room for improvement. The modest battery capacity, although it lasts for days in regular use, could be enhanced. Additionally, reinforcing the mouthpiece to prevent accidental removal would be a valuable improvement.

Overall, Cilicon has once again delivered a smooth and reliable product. The airflow and flavor of the Flare X1 series are particularly noteworthy, offering a satisfying experience for users familiar with Caliburn-style devices. These pods are excellent choices for oils and distillates, combining user-friendly design with outstanding performance.

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