The 8 Best Wine Cabinets in 2023

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The 8 Best Wine Cabinets in 2022

wine racks, except they have structure and have greater storage capacity. Preference is what matters when it comes to choosing a new item to buy. However, if you’re contemplating between the two, you might as well go big and choose the wine cabinet.

Not only do wine bottles look fabulous inside a wine cabinet, but it also stores them in the best condition and provides ample space for other wine necessities. Wine deserves to be held in the best wine cabinets, so if you want to know the perfect one for you, take a look at our list below.

1 Glitzhome Wine Cabinet & Storage

Glitzhome Wine Cabinet & Storage

To say that natural look is elegant is an understatement, and this wine cabinet is a testament to that. It gives a modern and minimalist vibe that adds a nice touch to your living room or kitchen. Like most wine cabinets, this is also made of engineered wood or MDF and iron for the smaller components. The dark espresso finish makes the surface smooth.
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2 Home Source Corner Bar Unit

Home Source Corner Bar Unit

The corner space is often overlooked in any room. If you want people to turn their heads to your corner, you can add this classy bar unit to store all your wine essentials. Unlike most wine cabinets, this one is specifically designed to fit corners for a space-saving minibar in your home.
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3 2L Lifestyle Paxton Wine Cabinet

2L Lifestyle Paxton Wine Cabinet

The Paxton wine cabinet features open shelves for wine glass and x design wine bottle storage, The upper shelf has a build in stemware holder to securely display your wine glasses, The lower shelf allows you to store your favorite wine bottles, and additional pull-out drawer provide plenty of room to keep your bar accessories at your fingertips.
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4 Winsome Ancona Wine Storage

Winsome Ancona Wine Storage

Ancona Modular Wine Cabinet with Glass Rack and 20-Bottle made from both solid and composite wood in Espresso Finish.
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5 BON AUGURE Industrial Wine Cabinet

BON AUGURE Industrial Wine Cabinet

This wine cabinet or sideboard buffet serves many purposes beyond the wine theme. It allows you to store all the wine essentials, as well as your decor, tableware, books, decanters, and other liquor bottles.  It has a minimalistic design, but it doesn’t fail in functionality.
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6 Giantex Wine Cabinet & Storage Organizer

Giantex Wine Cabinet & Storage Organizer

This big wine cabinet offers a winning combination of capacity, durability, and versatility. It weighs 81 pounds and measures 31.5 inches tall, 16 inches deep, and 45.5 inches wide. Given its size, it would be wise to place this in a specific area in your house. Don’t worry because wherever you put it, you are guaranteed to upgrade the look of your home.
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7 Winsome Alta Wine Storage

Winsome Alta Wine Storage

The Alta wine storage shelf brings a contemporary solution to your wine storage and entertaining needs with its clean lines, espresso finish, and simplistic design. The two top shelves can be used either for 8 wine bottles or 4 wine bottles on the top shelf and accessory storage on the bottom.
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8 Walker Edison Mid-Century Modern Wine Cabinet

Walker Edison Mid-Century Modern Wine Cabinet

This modern bar cabinet is the perfect addition to your home for some added storage and style. Features an 8-bottle wine storage and open storage cubby as well as three rows of glass hangers and an interior shelf. Durably constructed of high-grade MDF and powder-coated metal, this beautifully designed piece will become a staple in your kitchen.
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Wine Cabinets FAQ

Where can I put my wine cabinet?

Some wine cabinets are non-refrigerated, so the wine they hold is stored at room temperature. They are usually placed in the living room or kitchen. But if you plan to buy a smaller cabinet, it may be suitable to put in your bedroom. 

Ensure that the area is away from light exposure and vibrations and that the air temperature and humidity level are controlled. You should store it at 55-60°F and about 70% humidity. No matter where you place the wine cabinet, you also need to consider its size and the space you’re occupying. 

Why use a wine cabinet?

A wine cabinet is a smaller counterpart to a cellar because it ensures the security of your bottles. Additionally, they are also versatile to provide room for other things like wine glasses, plates, bowls, towels, the best electric wine bottle openers, and more wine accessories, depending on the capacity. 

You also use a wine cabinet if you want a piece of furniture that beautifully displays your wine and, at the same time, keeps them safe. Some wine cabinets are also designed like a minibar or a tabletop, so you can use them to lay out your glasses and bottles when drinking with friends or family.

What is the difference between a wine cabinet and a wine cooler/refrigerator?

There are many types of wine cabinets like serving, multi-purpose and non-refrigerated. A wine cabinet is what you’d imagine a cabinet to be—a piece of wooden furniture with multiple compartments. 

It serves by holding and displaying your wine bottles and glasses. It can also be a fantastic place to age wine if strategically positioned in optimal conditions. The downside is that it doesn’t regulate temperature, light, and humidity like a wine cooler does. 

Wine coolers or refrigerators are chilled and temperature-regulated storage rooms for wine. They serve their purpose by keeping wine chilled before serving them, but the temperature will eventually change, making them unsuitable for aging wine.

How should wine bottles be stored in a wine cabinet?

Wine should be able to touch the cork at all times; therefore, you should store corked wine bottles on their side. The purpose behind this is to keep the cork swollen to prevent air from coming in contact with the wine. When air reaches the drink, it can lead to premature aging through oxidation. 

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