Vaporesso x MOTI X Mini Pod Vape Kit Review

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Product Introduction and Specifications

The X MINI is a novel All-in-One (AIO) vaping device crafted collaboratively by MOTI and VAPORESSO. It exudes a futuristic aura with its compact form and semi-transparent body, revealing the intricate circuitry inside. It’s as if it leaped straight out of a vision of what vapes in the year 2022 might look like, conceived 12 years ago.

Despite its diminutive size and adjustable airflow capabilities, the X MINI caters to the preferences of restricted-lung and direct-to-lung (DL) vapers. As the marketing suggests, the X MINI is indeed “Mini but Mighty.” Do not mistake it for a disposable or conventional pod vape; it’s in a league of its own.

Once more, it’s essential to note that the X MINI is an AIO device. It accommodates 4 mL of e-liquid (with a 2 mL TPD-compliant option) and employs replaceable coil heads sporting a honeycomb mesh heating element rated at 0.35 ohms. This device boasts an output range of up to 29 watts, with power auto-regulation. All of this is powered by a robust 1150 mAh battery, complemented by native Type-C pass-thru charging.

The X MINI is not designed for nicotine salts or high-nicotine vaping. It thrives when paired with high-VG e-liquids.

Price: $21.95 (available at ejuice connect)

Colors: Aurora green, galaxy silver, mystic purple, gunmetal grey, space grey, Aegean blue


  • Dimensions: 73.3 mm x 25.4 mm
  • Battery capacity: 1150 mAh
  • Pod capacity: 4 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
  • Wattage: 10-29 watts
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x X MINI Device
  • 1 x X Pod (4 mL)
  • 1 x X35 coil (0.35 ohm)
  • 1 x Type-C cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

Build Quality and Design

The X MINI is a device that inherently invites curiosity and closer inspection. Even in my modest grey and black color scheme (accented with a transparent orange button), it manages to captivate attention. However, it’s not just the aesthetics that make it eye-catching; the X MINI has a few tricks up its sleeve that set it apart. The most conspicuous head-turner is the base of the device, illuminated with a mesmerizing blue glow as you take a draw. We’ll delve deeper into this feature shortly. In contrast, the other available colorways embrace subtlety and convey a more mature look. Color variations are most notably visible in the tank housing and the “X” within the branding, leaving the rest of the device largely consistent.

In terms of dimensions, the X MINI measures 25.4 mm x 72.3 mm, with a domed-shaped tank sporting a 6.5 mm inner diameter at the tip. Altogether, it occupies a similar space as an 18350 mechanical mod paired with a compact RDA or similar setup. Thanks to its capsule-like form and featherweight design (weighing a mere 54 grams), it nestles comfortably in your hand, offering both a secure grip and pleasant ergonomics. The polycarbonate construction contributes to this tactile advantage, with its slightly tacky finish enhancing the grasp.

The transparent outer layer provides a tantalizing glimpse into the inner workings and circuitry of the device, and it’s an aesthetic delight. The branding seamlessly integrates with the device’s futuristic theme, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal. A matte grey aluminum ring crowns the device, serving as the magnetic tank housing and airflow inlet. It features two generously sized airflow slots. While the tank sits securely inside due to strong magnets, it does possess a bit of lateral play. This means that a sharp drop might dislodge the tank, primarily due to the battery’s weight compared to the tank’s.

However, one notable design drawback is that the device cannot stand upright independently. It excels in terms of pocket-friendliness, but it’s essential to be aware that the button can be easily pressed while in your pocket, unless you remember to turn it off. The button is thoughtfully positioned for convenient thumb firing, yet the need for manual power-down when not in use may slightly compromise the device’s on-the-go usability.

Lastly, the bottom of the X MINI transitions from the transparent section to a solid black base housing the Type-C port. An interesting feature is that the base emits a stunning electric blue glow when taking a draw. Unfortunately, this glow cannot be deactivated, and while it’s not overwhelmingly bright, it’s far from discreet.

Getting Started

The X MINI offers an adjustable airflow system, enabling users to transition from a direct-lung (DL) draw to a restricted direct-lung (RDL) hit. As highlighted in the introduction, it’s essential to note that this device is tailored for high VG e-liquids and not suitable for 50/50 blends or high-nicotine formulations. In terms of user-friendliness, it leans more towards the simplicity of standard pod vapes. Equipped with a coil head, the device functions as a bottom-fill tank with button-fire activation. There are no intricate settings or modes to tinker with, apart from adjusting the airflow. Turning on the device merely necessitates a five-click button press.

Upon unboxing the device, you’ll find a 0.35-ohm coil head securely press-fitted into the tank. To remove the coil head, you need to grip it at the base, where the coil head’s airflow sits, and gently pull it using your fingernails. If you have larger fingers or very minimal nail length, extending beyond your fingertips, you might find it slightly challenging to remove the coil head without the assistance of a small tool like a miniature screwdriver. While I cannot definitively categorize it as a significant issue, it’s notable enough to be mentioned as a potential drawback. For me, with relatively smaller hands, it’s a snug fit, making it somewhat tricky.

One primary element under the user’s control is the airflow adjustment. By turning the tank, you can modulate the airflow to vary from fully open (DL) to closed off (RDL). However, there are no tactile clicks or visual cues to indicate the airflow setting. To determine the current airflow level, you’ll need to take a draw. Unfortunately, fine-tuning the airflow beyond fully open or fully closed can be somewhat finicky and challenging. Even with these two extreme settings, it may necessitate frequent readjustments.

Lastly, when you insert the tank into the housing, the device’s base briefly illuminates in blue to confirm the successful connection. The blue glow also accompanies the act of vaping. While the blue light adds an appealing aesthetic, some users may find it desirable to have the option to deactivate this feature.


The X MINI proves to be a robust AIO device, delivering commendable performance in both flavor and vapor production while maintaining consistency throughout usage. Its performance is underpinned by VAPORESSO technology, showcasing a honeycomb mesh coil that uniformly heats the e-liquid and an MCU chip with a touted 20,000 power adaptations. While these technological aspects may not translate into noticeable effects for the user, they are an integral part of the device’s design and functionality.

This petite powerhouse offers a maximum output of 29 watts, with auto-adjusting wattage to provide the ideal power to the coil. The single resistance option available is the honeycomb mesh coil at 0.35 ohms, leaving minimal room for adjustments. Given the limited coil choices, fine-tuning the wattage may not be a significant concern, especially considering the device’s one-resistance nature.

The device’s airflow, set at my preferred configuration, operates relatively quietly. However, when fully open (a common setting for many users), the noise level increases, which, although understandable, could be perceived as a drawback. An additional minor concern, not substantial enough to feature in the primary list of cons, is that during extended draws with the airflow fully closed, the mouthpiece can become warm. It’s worth noting that most vapers may not take prolonged draws like I do, making this a rather subjective issue. With the airflow wide open, effective cooling prevents noticeable heat buildup in the mouthpiece and coil.

I’ve been using the X MINI with 70% VG e-liquid at a nicotine strength of 6 mg. In the case of fully open airflow, I would recommend a 3 mg nicotine strength. With the restricted lung hit and 6 mg nicotine, a noticeable throat hit is achieved, striking a balance between performance and nicotine satisfaction without significant trade-offs.

The standout feature of the X MINI’s performance is undoubtedly its flavor production. In my experience, it’s akin to using a high-quality sub-ohm tank, effectively bridging the gap between the two device categories.

However, one noteworthy aspect that could be categorized as a con is the potential for the device’s button to be accidentally pressed while in a pocket, resulting in inadvertent firing. This has occurred multiple times in my usage, likely compromising the coil. Since the kit includes only one coil, users may find themselves limited to this one coil. While it’s a concern that may apply to many button-fire devices, the specific form factor and button layout of the X MINI make it more susceptible to this issue.

Battery life and charging

The X MINI is equipped with an 1150 mAh battery, and while it may seem substantial, the device’s battery life is not particularly impressive. Comparable to the performance of an 18350 mechanical mod, it excels in form factor and portability but doesn’t deliver extended usage on a single charge.

In terms of charging, the X MINI follows the standard pattern for AIO devices, taking approximately an hour to complete a full charge. While this charging time aligns with common industry standards, it might still be considered a lengthy duration by some users. Given the typical nature of this charging period, it isn’t being listed as a con.

During the charging process, the device emits a pulsating blue light, which indicates the ongoing charging status. When the light remains solid, it signifies that the device has reached a full charge, making it ready for use.

Pros / Cons


  • Visually stunning and futuristic design
  • Comfortable and secure hand feel
  • Strong magnets that securely hold the pod at the base
  • Adequate pod capacity with 4 mL
  • Provides clean taste and accurate flavor performance
  • Good vapor production
  • Convenient Type-C charging
  • Pass-thru charging support
  • Transparent tank allows easy monitoring of juice levels


  • The glowing light cannot be turned off, impacting discretion
  • The tank exhibits slight top wobble
  • Airflow setting can be fiddly and hard to adjust precisely
  • Battery life falls short of expectations
  • The kit includes only one coil
  • The button can fire accidentally in a pocket, potentially compromising the coil


In conclusion, the X MINI is a device that I genuinely enjoy despite its drawbacks. Its compact size and the quality of the vape experience it offers make it a device I find myself reaching for regularly.

Among the various cons I’ve mentioned, the most significant issue is that the button tends to fire too easily when the device is in your pocket. While it’s the user’s responsibility to turn it off before pocketing it, the need for a five-click press every time you want to vape from your pocket can be somewhat cumbersome in terms of ease of use.

My recommendation for the X MINI comes with some caveats. If you frequently need to pocket your device between vapes, this may pose an issue for you. However, when considering its visual appeal and the quality of the vaping experience it delivers, the X MINI still earns my recommendation. Ultimately, whether the pros I’ve highlighted outweigh the cons depends on your specific usage preferences and needs.

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